Create and edit Items

View and manage inventorycreate new items, and export and import lists of items from the Items page.

Organize the order of your inventory items based on key details. For example, click on “Price” to order items based on the prices you charge.

To search for a specific item, key in any of the key details in the search field on the right.


Edit item

Edit an item’s namepriceSKUtaxability, and quantity by clicking on the item’s name from the table.


Export items list in CSV format

Click “Export items list in CSV format” to download current  inventory items in a CSV file. You can update this CSV file and import it later. This is useful for restocking.


Add New Item

Click the “Add New Item” button to add new items to your inventory.

On the Add New Item/Edit Item page, you can assign a namepriceSKUtaxability, and quantity to a new or existing item.


Upload multiple items using a CSV file

Click the “Upload multiple items using a CSV file” option to import a list of items into SwipeSimple. You will see detailed instructions on how to create the CSV file and upload it.

You can also download a sample CSV file, and edit it to create your own item list.

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