Item Modifiers

If your company is configured with the SwipeSimple Register software package, you will have access to create Item Modifier Groups. Not sure what software package is on your account? Contact your Merchant Service Provider.

Item Modifier Groups allow you to make modifications to items when adding them to the cart during a sale.

How to create modifiers on the web

When you log in to, click on Item Catalog > Modifier Groups. From this page, you can view and edit your current Modifier Groups, or create new ones.


From this table, you can:

  • Edit existing Modifier Groups by click on the Group Name
  • See each Modifier in the group
  • View your Min/Max settings
  • See if the Modifier Group will prompt during a sale
  • See which items are associated with each Modifier Group by clicking on the number under # Items

To create a new Modifier Group, click on Add New Modifier Group.


When creating a new Modifier Group, you will be asked to fill out the following information:

  • Modifier Group Name
  • Item Modifiers - Each modifier you wish to include in that specific group
  • Min Required (optional) - Determines how many Item Modifiers you will need to choose from this group when adding an associated item to a sale
  • Max Required (optional) - Determines the maximum number of Item Modifiers you can add to a single item when completing a sale
  • Prompt when adding to a sale - Determines if SwipeSimple will automatically prompt you to choose modifiers when they add the associated items to the cart
    • If the you set the Min Required greater than 0, this will automatically be checked
    • If you do not check this box, you will have to add the modifier in this group to items by editing them in the cart during a sale
  • Items - Items that this Modifier Group will apply to
    • If this is left blank, you will not be able to use this Modifier Group until they assign Items to it

Adding Modifier Groups to Items on the Web

To add a Modifier Group to an Item on the web, you can do so in three ways.

Adding or Editing an item in your Item Catalog:

  • Click on the Item Catalog side menu option
  • To add a new Item, click on Add New Item
  • To edit an existing item, click on Item Name

From there, you will see the Modifier Group setting for the individual Item. Select which Modifier Group you would like applied to the Item. 


Bulk editing multiple items in the Item Catalog:

  • Click on the Item Catalog side menu option
  • Select the Items you want to bulk edit by checking the box on next to the Item Name 
  • Click on Edit "#" Items

You will be able to add a specific Modifier Group to multiple items at once by clicking on Modifier Groups in the pop-up box. 


Editing the Modifier Group:

  • Click on the Modifier Groups side menu option
  • Click the Group Name 

From this page, you can edit the Modifier Group and add additional Items.


Apply Modifiers to a sale

To use your item modifiers in a sale:

  • Open the SwipeSimple app and navigate to the New Charge screen
  • Click on Items 
  • Tap on the Item you want to add to the cart
    • If Prompt when adding to a sale is 'On', SwipeSimple will prompt you to add modifiers to the Item before it is added to the cart


    • If Prompt when adding to a sale is 'Off', SwipeSimple will not prompt you to add a modifier to an Item before it is added to the cart. 
    • To add a modifier to the item, you will need to click on it in the cart and edit it manually. 




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