Import a Customer List using a CSV File

What is CSV?

CSV stands for "Comma separated values". It's a simple text file format that can be used to manage tabular data. There are several apps that can export/import CSV files like Excel or Numbers.

How can I create my CSV?

You can create a CSV with any spreadsheet app that can export to that format, like Excel or Numbers. The easiest way to start is to download the sample below and input your customer information. 

How can I format my CSV file?

If you don't use the sample CSV and you want to create one yourself, here are the required columns (column headers are not case sensitive):

Customer #

This number is generated by SwipeSimple and should be left blank when adding customers for the first time.


This is a required field, and duplicate names will create duplicate customer profiles if a customer number is not added. Example: Jane Doe

Email Emails must be valid or the customer will not be created. Example:


Customer phone number Example: (123) 456-7890

Street Address 

Customer billing address


Customer city


Customer state


Customer zip code

Note: You can add and update customers with the same CSV file. Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful upload:

  • When editing existing customer profiles, put the existing customer number in the Customer Number field
  • Use CSV files only. Attempts to upload an Excel spreadsheets will lead to unexpected results. Download the Sample CSV below to view the format that SwipeSimple accepts.

You are unable to update a card on file using this method. This must be done in SwipeSimple.

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