Virtual Terminal

Accept keyed card transactions or record cash payments by accessing the Virtual Terminal on your SwipeSimple Dashboard, right from your browser. 

Run a credit card transaction by entering Credit Card number, Expiration date, CVV, an amount and click Charge.


Record a payment as Cash

Click on Record Cash Payment to accept a cash transaction on the Virtual Terminal. 


Adding and Creating Customers

Add Customer information to a transaction by:

  • Selecting a Customer name from the dropdown menu Choose Customer
    • Saved card information will be available to select in Choose Card
  • Create a new Customer by entering the Customer name in Cardholder Name or Choose Customer
    • Note: You must have authorization from your customer before saving their credit card.
    • Enter the Credit Card number, Expiration date, and CVV (optional)
    • Save Customer Card information by checking the ‘Save card for later use’ box


Adding Address, Reference Number, Items, Discounts, and Tax

Enter the Address, Reference Number, Items, and Discounts to a transaction by expanding the corresponding field

  • Address
    • If a saved card is selected, the address associated with that card will be auto-populated in the Address field
    • Address Verification Service (AVS) is supported for First Data Omaha, TSYS, and Worldpay merchant accounts. AVS lets you feed a cardholder’s address when taking keyed transactions, and the address will be checked against the cardholder’s address on file with the processor to offer additional verification and fraud prevention. The AVS response will be displayed in the transaction details page for Virtual Terminal transactions that utilize AVS.
  • Reference Number can be any alphanumeric combination up to 64 characters long
  • Add Items to a transaction by selecting a pre-existing item from the Description drop down menu
    • Add a Custom Item by typing in a new Description and Unit Price
    • Adding a Custom Item will not create an item in Inventory
    • The price of a pre-existing item can be modified or changed by editing the Unit Price at the time of transaction
    • Items using track inventory will have the amounts on hand deducted
    • “Taxable” checkbox determines whether or not an item will be taxed during a transaction
      • The checkbox will default to be checked if the item is configured to be taxable, but this can be edited during a transaction
  • Add a Discount to a transaction by selecting a previously created Discount 
    • If a Discount has not been created, this section will not appear on the Virtual Terminal
  • When tax is enabled, it will appear next to the amount
    • Select from multiple tax rates by using the dropdown menu
    • Tax rates can be created within the Account Settings section
    • Tax is required for Level 2 Interchange Qualification
    • When tax is selected it will only be applied to items that are checked as taxable
  • If you are enabled for Automatic Adjustment in conjunction with your Merchant Service Provider's cash discounting program, you will be able to apply the adjustment on Virtual Terminal transactions.


Transaction Results

View the breakdown of discounts and taxes before clicking on Charge to process a transaction

Keyed-entered transactions may be Approved, Declined, or result in an Error.

Click on Full Transaction Details to view transaction details (including card and merchant account details), or to perform a void or refund.

Click on Print Receipt or Send Receipt to print or send a receipt as an email or text.

To retry Declined or Error transactions, close the dialogue box by clicking on X and re-enter transaction details using the Virtual Terminal.

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