Creating Customer Profiles Automatically

SwipeSimple helps you build your customers list by automatically creating customer profiles and capturing key customer information following a transaction on the Virtual Terminal, Mobile Device, or Terminal and Register Devices. 

SwipeSimple will automatically generate a unique customer ID and create a customer profile. If the cardholder name is provided when the card is run through SwipeSimple, SwipeSimple will populate this information in the Customer Name for the profile. If there are no cardholder name details provided when the card is processed, SwipeSimple will create a placeholder name for that customer. 

To associate stored credit cards with the customer, you can either add the cards at the point-of-sale, or manually add card details from the customer profile page. Please ensure that you have authorization from your customer before storing their credit cards. 

Future transactions made with that card will update the customer’s profile with new transaction details.

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