Tipping with SwipeSimple

SwipeSimple allows merchants to prompt their customers for a tip during a transaction. These settings can be configured within the SwipeSimple Dashboard and mobile/terminal apps.

SwipeSimple Dashboard

To change the tip settings within the SwipeSimple dashboard, navigate to Account Settings>Transactions>Tip Settings. From there, you can adjust the following settings: 

  • Prompt for Tip? - Yes or No
  • Default Tip Levels - Three percentage suggestions will display to the cardholder and can be customized. Default suggestions are 15%, 18%, 20%. Customize by clicking into the field and editing directly. A “Custom” and “No Tip” option will also be displayed to your customer.. 

Notes: Tip rates will be rounded to the nearest 0.5% (e.g., 14.3 will round to 14.5%). Tip percentage suggestions cannot be disabled. 


SwipeSimple Mobile & Terminal Apps

To enable the tip settings within the SwipeSimple apps, navigate to Settings>Tip. From there, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Prompt for Tip? - Toggle switch ON
  • Default Tip Levels - Three percentage suggestions will be displayed to the cardholder: 15%, 18%, and 20%. You can customize this by clicking on the field and editing it directly. A  “Custom” and “No Tip” option will also be displayed to your customer.


SwipeSimple Terminal Tipping

For terminals that have tipping enabled, merchants can prompt for tips in sales flow or on receipt. Your merchant Service Provider manages these settings. 

  • In Sales Flow - If enabled, the app will prompt for tip with five options; no tip, custom tip, and three default amounts you can change in the tip settings above. 
  • On Receipt - If enabled, the three default amounts will be printed on the receipt as a reference table, and a tip line will appear on the receipt. The signature setting will also be set to “Always” and require a signature so that a signature line is present on the paper receipt. 

Don’t know which setting you have enabled or tips not working as expected? Contact your Merchant Service Provider or SwipeSimple for support.

Did you sign up for SwipeSimple through one of our partners? (Most Common)

Your merchant service provider is the best point of contact for support. They will have access to your complete account details, the ability to make changes to your account, and will be able to answer your questions about SwipeSimple or about your merchant account with them. 

If you aren’t sure who your Merchant Service Provider is, click the Need Help❓button at the bottom right of the screen and write Who's my Merchant Service Provider? in the message box. Be sure to include your business name (DBA) so that we are able to look up the information for you.

Did you sign up through SwipeSimple Connect? (Available since September 2023)

Merchants who signed up through SwipeSimple Connect should contact the SwipeSimple Support team. Click the Help button at the bottom right of your screen and complete our contact form.

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