New sale using Items

There are several ways to make a sale using Items 

View Existing Catalog Items

Tap the Items tab to view all existing catalog items that can be added to a sale. Items will be listed in Alphabetical order by Category, or Item list if Categories are not used.  Items can be searched from the search bar at the top of the list. 

The tab lists all sellable items with the Item Name, Price, and if the item is taxable.

Add Items and Discounts

To add items from the list to the sale, select the items by tapping on them.

To perform a quick search from the list of managed items, scroll to the top of the list for the search bar, enter the item’s name or price.

To add discounts to the entire order, select them by tapping on them.

Adjust Item Quantity

Tap the desired item the same number of times as your preferred quantity.

Tap an item twice to add two of the selected item to the sale.

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