Transaction History on Mobile

The History page lists transactions by date with the most recent transactions at the top.

Pull and release the screen to refresh list of transactions.

Tap on any transaction to view transaction details.


Transaction summary

Transaction summary includes:

  • Transaction status
  • Transaction number (system generated)
  • Transaction date and time
  • Card details
  • Customer information
  • Full list of items and discounts
  • Tip

Card details include card brand, transaction type, last 4 digits of the card, and cardholder name (listed as Customer).

You can also issue a full or partial refund, or send a receipt from the transaction summary page.


Transaction Details

Transaction Details include:

  • Transaction ID
  • Date & Time
  • Method (Keyed, Dipped, Swiped, Tapped, On File)
  • Taken by
  • Auth Code
  • Reference Number
  • AVS Result
  • Decline Reason
  • Merchant account name
  • Card brand and last four digits
  • Cardholder name
  • Signature
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