Manage your items

The Items page lists individual sellable items with the item name and price.

Find items quickly by searching for the item name or price in the search bar.

Tap the name of the item itself (i.e. Hair Spray below) to edit an existing item.




Create new item

To make a new item, tap New from the Items page. 

Create an item by assigning a nameSKU (optional)price, and decide if the item is taxable.

Opt to track inventory by toggling the switch and set the current quantity to track items on hand.

Tap Create Item to create item, your new item will be added to your list of Items in the Catalog screen.

Items can be added to an existing Category.

To add an image, tap Add Image and take a picture or select one from your camera roll to upload it.



Delete Item

To delete an item, select it from the Item Catalog. Tap “Delete Item”, then “Confirm Delete Item”. The item will be deleted from the Item Catalog on all devices associated with this account as well as the SwipeSimple Dashboard.

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