Why don't I see my money in my account?

Merchants sign up for SwipeSimple in two ways:

  • Through a partner network of Merchant Service Providers 
  • Directly from CardFlight with an offering called SwipeSimple Connect

Your transaction funding will be managed by the company through which you initially signed up for SwipeSimple. 

Did you sign up for SwipeSimple through one of our partners? (Most Common)

Merchants who signed up through one of our partners will have deposits managed by your Merchant Service Provider. Your Merchant Service Provider will have access to your account details and will be able to answer any questions regarding how you are funded, including how and when deposits are made to your bank account

If you aren’t sure who your Merchant Service Provider is, click the❓Help button at the bottom right of the screen and write Who's my Merchant Service Provider? in the message box. Be sure to include your business name (DBA) so that we are able to look up the information for you.

Did you sign up through SwipeSimple Connect? (Available since September 2023)

Merchants who signed up through SwipeSimple Connect can see the status of their transaction funding after batch settlement at any time through the SwipeSimple Connect merchant portal. Merchants will typically see funds deposited into their bank account 2 business days after the date of the transaction. If you feel there has been a delay receiving funds, click the orange ❓Help button at the bottom right of the screen to contact the SwipeSimple Customer Support team.

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