Payment Links with Register Software Package

SwipeSimple merchants who take advantage of Item-Level Taxes and Item Level Modifiers features with SwipeSimple Register software will have additional functionality available when creating SwipeSimple Payment Links. 

Note: Payment Links on Register Software Package is available for merchants whose account has been boarding with a Payment Gateway. Not sure if you have access to these features? Please check with your Merchant Service Provider.  

Merchants with Item-Level Modifiers or Taxes can:

  • View which modifiers are associated with each item as it is configured in the Item Catalog
  • Apply multiple tax rates to each item

Item Level Modifiers on Payment Links

When an item has modifiers configured, they will automatically display during the Payment Link configuration and be available for a customer to select when paying by Payment Link



When a customer is interacting with a Payment Link where modifiers are applied, they will be able to select which modifiers they would like:


The modifier selections will be available in the customer receipt details. We recommend enabling the Setting > Alerts > Each time a payment is made through a Payment Link to receive Payment Link details. Payment Link details can also be found in the Transaction details section. 


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