Logging in

How do I get my login credentials?

After your merchant service provider has set up your account, you will receive a Welcome Email with a temporary password from noreply@swipesimple.com. Use this temporary password with the email registered to your account to sign in to SwipeSimple for the first time.


Where do I sign in?

From the web: Visit swipesimple.com/sign_in and fill in your your email address and password and tap Log In.

The email and password you use to sign in will be provided by your merchant services provider. When logging in for the first time, you may be prompted to change your password.

From the app: Download the SwipeSimple App to your device and enter your email address and password and tap Log In. 

How to stay logged in

Enable Stay Logged In to bypass entering your login credentials when opening the app. You will remain logged in until you choose to log out.


Enable demo mode 

Explore the app functionalities without signing into your account by selecting Demo Mode. Demo mode allows users to navigate the app and simulate swiped or keyed transactions.

Dip (EMV) and tap (NFC) transactions cannot be simulated while in demo mode.


Reset your password

Tap Forgot Password and enter your email address to receive instructions for creating a new password or contact your Merchant Service Provider. 


Log Out

To log out of your account, open the side menu and tap Log Out at the bottom.

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