Navigating the SwipeSimple Mobile App

From the log in screen on the SwipeSimple Mobile App you will be presented with two options:

  1. Log into the SwipeSimple Mobile App with your email and password.
  2. Click into demo mode to begin a demonstration of the SwipeSimple Mobile App if you do not have an account yet (or for training purposes). 

Logging into the SwipeSimple Mobile App

Using your credentials, log into the SwipeSimple Mobile App.

Immediately the New Charge page will load for you. To switch to another view tap the icon in the upper left hand side - this will open up sidebar menu with the following sections:

  • New Charge
  • Account Overview
  • Transaction History
  • Item Catalog
  • Settings

To navigate to one of these sections, just tap the name of the section.

In addition to using the icon to open the menu, users can swipe from the left hand side to open the menu.




Using SwipeSimple Demo Mode

The SwipeSimple Mobile App has a demo mode feature to simulate the SwipeSimple mobile experience without actually processing transactions. Demo mode is a great way to train new users on all the features SwipeSimple has to offer.


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