Opening the mPOP cash drawer

The mPOP has a maximum withstanding load of 17 lbs. A heavy load placed on the mPOP may prevent the cash drawer from opening.

To open the cash drawer manually, use the multi-function button or lock release lever. If your mPOP is connected to a power source, use the multi-function button.

Push to release printer

Push the front face of the printer to unlock [1 in the diagram below] and pull out the printer [2].

Open cash drawer

Press and hold [1] the multi-function button [a] for 5 seconds to open the cash drawer.

If your mPOP isn't connected to a power source, use the lock release lever.

Lift printer and open cash drawer. Remove your mPOP unit from any brackets or mounting kit.

Lift the mPOP from bottom right [1] and locate the lock release lever located at the back, on the underside of the mPOP [2].

Insert the tip of a pen, or something slim, into the lock release lever. Slide your pen towards the front of the mPOP [2] and the cash drawer will open.

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