Batch Reports & Daily Transaction Reports

With Online Batch Reports, all SwipeSimple Terminal companies, and SwipeSimple Payments companies who process through TSYS and First Data Omaha will see Batch Reports in place of their Daily Transaction Reports. SwipeSimple Payments companies who process through Worldpay or Global East Direct will continue to see Daily Transaction Reports.

Not sure what processor your company uses? Contact your Merchant Service Provider. Not sure who your Merchant Service Provider is? Click the orange ❓Help button at the bottom right of the screen and write Who's my Merchant Service Provider? in the message box. Provide your DBA for faster service.

What is the difference between a Batch Report and a Daily Transaction Report?
Daily Transaction Reports include all the transactions taken within a 24-hour window. 

Batch Reports are generated every time your batch is closed. Batch Reports also include the following additional information:
  • Exact report ending time
  • Batch number


Setting up reports

To configure Reports, login to your SwipeSimple dashboard, go to Account Settings > Reports and enter the respective recipients’ emails. Please note that Report email recipients must be SwipeSimple users.

Receiving Reports

Batch Reports are generated and sent out within an hour of when your batch is closed. Each time you close your batch, you will receive a corresponding Batch Report. If you would like to change your set automatic batch time, please reach out to your Merchant Service Provider. 

Daily Transaction reports are generated and sent out after the set report time. The report time will default to midnight in your company’s time zone once configured. This can be changed at any time in Account Settings > Reports tab on the SwipeSimple reporting dashboard.

Transactions Included in a Report

Batch Reports will include all transactions taken in each batch. If you close your batch before your set automatic batch time, SwipeSimple will attempt to close your batch again at the set automatic batch time and will generate a new Batch Report if additional transactions have been taken.

Daily Transaction Reports include all transactions taken within a set time period. Transactions taken after your set report time will be included in the transaction report for the following day.

So if your batch time or report time is 7pm and you ran transactions anytime after 7pm, they will be included in your Daily Transaction Report for the following day.

Note: Your Daily Transaction Report may not match your deposit report if your report time does not match the time that your processor settles your batch. You can update your report time at any time in Account Settings > Reports tab on the SwipeSimple reporting dashboard.

To view a list of Daily Transaction Reports that have been generated, go to Reports.

View a summary for every Merchant Account each day with details including:

  • Total Number of Sales
  • Total Monetary Value of Sales
  • Total Number of Refunds
  • Total Monetary Value of Refunds
  • Net Total 

Filter list of Reports according to Date Range and/or Merchant Account

Send a Report to other SwipeSimple users or export it

Opt to receive Reports as an email by enabling this function in Account Settings > Reports


Date-range reports

To view reports for a specific range, click on Select a date range.

Select from Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, This Month, Last Month, or customize your date range to filter your Reports.

View all reports by a user by selecting your desired account from the Merchant Account dropdown.

Select “All” or the specific user account to filter your Reports.

Click on the link to view the full daily Report for a selected date and user.

The full  Report will show Summary, Card Details and Cash Details. You may send this report to other users via email or export it in .csv by clicking on Send or Export on the top right.

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