Setup instructions for the SM-L200

Step 1: Charging your printer

First, set the equipment up and connect them to a power source (power strip, wall outlet, etc.)

Insert the battery pack into the back of the SM-L200, connect the USB charging cable to the port on the left of the SM-L200 and an available power source. Turn it on by pressing and holding the MODE button, the LCD will display the printer’s status.

Insert battery pack

  1.  Insert the battery pack into the back of the printer as illustrated
  2.  Secure the battery pack by pressing the hook area until it clicks 

Charge the battery pack

  1. To charge the battery pack, plug the smaller end of the USB charging cable into the USB port located on the left of the printer 
  2. Connect the other end of the USB cable to a power source 

A full charge may take up to 5 hours.

Optional: You may remove your USB charging cable after the printer is sufficiently charged.

Switch printer on

Turn on the printer by pressing and holding the MODE button. The LED indicator for Power on the front of the printer will be green.

Step 2: Load receipt paper roll

To load the receipt paper roll, open the printer cover and set the roll of paper. Please ensure that you’re using a 2.28 in x 50 ft thermal receipt paper roll.

Open Printer Cover

  1. Push the button located on the left side of the printer down to release printer cover as illustrated 
  2. Lift the printer cover 
Close Printer Cover
  1. Pull the end of the paper roll straight towards you 
  2. Close the printer cover by pushing both ends of the cover down until you hear a click 

Remove Excess Paper

Use the tear bar to cut away the extra receipt paper.

Step 3: Complete setup

Setup is complete when the LCD screen on the printer displays “Printer Status: Online”, and both the card reader and your device are switched on.

Step 4: Attach the belt clip (optional)

To attach the belt clip, please ensure that the belt clip is in the right orientation. By attaching the belt clip, you will be able to carry your printer around hands-free.

Attach belt clip to the printer

Ensure that the velcro straps on the belt clip is facing the front. Using the screw included in the box, secure the belt clip by fastening the screw into the designated screw hole. You may use a coin to securely fasten the screw.

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