Batch Receipts

To enable Batch Receipt printing, log in to your SwipeSimple account on From there, tap on Account Settings > Reports. 


From there, you will see a setting for Batch Reports. Check the box and then click Update Settings.


If this setting is turned on, SwipeSimple will print a Batch Receipt from the Terminal device once a batch is closed through SwipeSimple. The Batch Receipt will contain the following information:

  • Summary of Credit Sales by card type
  • Summary of Credit Refunds by card type
  • Sales Total
  • Total adjusted amount (if applicable)
  • Total Tips
  • Refunds
  • Batch Total


Please note that the Batch Receipt cannot be customized. For a more detailed Batch Report, you can log into your SwipeSimple Dashboard and access your entire report, including transaction details. Additionally, you can set up reports to be emailed to you automatically after batch closure. You can learn more about Batch Reports here: Batch Reports & Daily Transaction Reports

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