Invoices on Mobile

This article will guide you through the process of creating, sending, and managing invoices using this feature. With Invoices on Mobile, merchants can streamline the invoicing process and keep track of finances on the go.

With Invoices on Mobile, you can create, send, and manage Invoices right from your SwipeSimple mobile application. This feature allows you to:

  • Create and send new invoices to customers via text or email.
  • Keep track of the status of your invoices, including Unpaid, Voided, Past Due, Marked as Paid, or Paid.
  • Resend previously created invoices.

Invoices on Mobile can be located in the Mobile App’s sidebar menu


Creating an Invoice 

To create a new invoice within the Mobile App, tap the '+' button on the upper right corner of the Invoices screen and follow these steps:



Enter Customer Information

  • If you've previously saved customer information in the Customers feature, start typing the customer's name to populate their details automatically. Phone and Email will autofill.
  • If the customer is not in your saved list, enter their name as well as phone number or email address. The customer's information will be saved in the Customers list once the invoice is sent.

Add Items and Invoice Details

  • Add items to the invoice by choosing from your Item Catalog list or inputting a new/custom item. Item prices will auto-populate.
  • You can add more items by clicking "Add more items..." as needed.
  • You may modify the price of an existing item when adding it to the invoice without affecting the Item Catalog.
  • To include more details, click "Invoice Details..." where you can set a Due Date, Tax, Discount, or a Note. The note will be visible to your customer when the invoice is sent.
  • Set an optional Due Date by tapping "Set Date" and choosing from predefined options or selecting a custom date.

Review the Invoice 

  • Once all information is entered, tap the arrow on the top right of the screen to review the invoice on the Summary page.
  • Tap the Back button to make any necessary edits before sending.

Send an Invoice 

  • Tap the "Send Invoice" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you entered both a phone number and an email, choose whether to send the Invoice to the phone number, email address, or both.
  • If you entered only one form of contact info, the invoice will be sent to that contact without a prompt.
  • After sending, you will receive a confirmation screen.
  • If an invoice cannot be delivered to a phone number, you will immediately see a message in the mobile app.  Verify the customer's contact information and resend the invoice to a new phone number or email. 
  • In the case of an email that cannot be delivered, SwipeSimple is unable to detect  that and will display it as an unpaid invoice, until it is actioned. 

Managing Invoices

You may view the status, customer name, due date (if applicable), invoice total, invoice number, and payment date (if applicable) in the Invoices List. Tap an invoice to see all details.

From the details screen, you can perform actions like Void, Mark as Paid, or Resend an invoice.

When resending, you have the option to send it to the same phone number, email or a different one.

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