USB Peripherals for the Aries 8 device

The PAX Aries 8 device is compatible with the Star Micronics TSP143IIIU receipt printer. 

To connect the device:

  1.  Plug the Aries 8 into the Star Micronics TSP printer via a USB-B to USB-C cable
  2. Open the SwipeSimple App on the Aries 8 device
  3. Navigate to Settings from the side menu
  4. If prompted “Allow SwipeSimple to access Star TSP 143IIIu?“, select OK
  5. Choose Device Management from Settings
  6. Under Printers, select TSP143IIIU
  7. Print a test receipt to ensure the device is connected then select Make Default Printer

Connect to cash drawer (optional)

Connect the printer’s serial cable to the serial port on the CD3-1313 or CD3-1616.  Now when prompting for cash, the cash drawer will automatically spring open.

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