Upload Multiple Items Using CSV File

What is CSV?

CSV stands for "Comma separated values". It's a simple text file format that can be used to manage tabular data. There are several apps that can export/import CSV files like Excel or Numbers.

How can I create my CSV?

You can create a CSV with any spreadsheet app that can export to that format, like Excel or Numbers. The easiest way to start is to download the sample below, and input your item information. 

How can I format my CSV file?

The first row of the CSV should contain the column names. If you don't use the sample CSV and you want to create one yourself, here are the required columns:



This number is set by the application and used to update existing items. Do Not Delete or Edit


This value is required and must be unique. Example: Super Widget


Optional SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) that helps you track inventory. Example: ETG-124343


The price of the item without the currency sign. This value is required and must be a Number/Decimal (no $ sign). Example: 19.99


This states if the item can be taxable or not. Must be one of the following values: TRUE or FALSE.


This states if an item is active and shown on the catalog. Must be one of the following values: active or removed.


This states how many units of this item you have on your inventory. Must be a number. Example: 28


This states that an item can be tracked for inventory. Must be one of the following values: TRUE or FALSE.


A new or existing category to assign to the item. Example: Services


Note: You can add and update items with the same csv file. Follow these guidelines to ensure a successful upload:

  • When adding new items, leave the *id* field blank
  • When editing existing items, make sure you do not edit or delete the id field, this is how the application keeps track of the item being updated.
  • Use CSV files only. Attempts to upload an Excel spreadsheets will lead to unexpected results. Download the Sample CSV below to view the format that SwipeSimple accepts.

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