Account Settings


Manage and edit business details including:

  • Phone Number
  • Reply-To-Address
  • Time Zone that your business operates in




Manage and customize digital and paper receipt options including:

  • Add or remove an image/logo

  • Include a header background color

  • Choose to display the Merchant Account name

  • Choose to display Street Address and Zip Code

  • Choose to display the Reference Number

  • Header

  • Footer
  • Set email recipient for every transaction*

*Only emails associated with the company account can be entered




In Account Settings, select the Invoices section to customize the color, add a logo or customize the footer text. These changes will immediately update all invoices past and future when updating settings.

To upload an image, click the Upload Image button, and select an image file. The maximum file size is 500kb. For dimensions, 400x60 pixels is optimal, but if the file is larger than this, it will be resized automatically to make it fit. To complete the process, click Update Settings.




Manage Daily Transaction Report emails by:

  • Selecting SwipeSimple user(s) in the Report Recipients field
  • Setting the Report Time




Manage and edit transaction settings including:

  • Signature Settings - Choose when the app prompts for signatures on swiped transactions
  • Tax Settings - Choose if the app should automatically add sales tax to applicable items and set the tax rate
  • Tip Settings - Choose if the app should prompt for tips and set the default tip amounts
  • Interchange Settings - Turning this setting on will prompt you to enter additional details on Virtual Terminal transactions. Providing these details can potentially qualify transactions for Level II Interchange and may result in lower transaction costs.



Tax Rates

In Account Settings on the SwipeSimple Dashboard, use the Tax Rates tab to view previously created tax rates and add new tax rates

  • Tax can be applied to an entire transaction at the time of the transaction
    • Tax can be enabled or disabled for transactions under the Transactions tab
  • Items marked non-taxable will not be taxed on transactions where tax is applied


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