Terminals FAQ

Does the device need to be powered on to perform an update?

Yes, for the update to be successful, the terminal should be powered on and with the screen on. Because of the force update it doesn’t matter if the app is present on the screen or running in the background since the force update will force the app into the background and close it to allow the update to go through. 


How do I know if a terminal received the update?

By going to Group Management > Push Task you can click on the latest app that was pushed. This will show a status of  Success / Pending / Failed and a count for each one. Clicking on each status brings up which terminals belong to which status. 


What does “App downloaded, pending install” mean?

This happens when the app is pushed, if device is on but the screen is turned off. In order to resolve, you will need to ask the merchant to turn on their device’s screen and the app should automatically install. This might take anywhere from 5-10 seconds. You can verify remotely from PAX if the app was installed by going to Group Management > Push Task and ensuring they are under the Success group. 

Note: We’ve noticed instances where if the screen isn’t turned on in a certain amount of time to resolve this issue, the install will fail and you will need to push the app update again. 


What does “App installation has been delayed as it was busy” mean?

This happens when the app is in the foreground and the screen is on. This should only happen if the “force update” isn’t toggled on when performing the app push. To fix, cancel the installation and retry with the force update toggled on, or call the merchant and ask them move the app to the background by pressing on the home button (the circle in the middle at the bottom of the screen).

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