Invoices: How-to Guide

With Invoices from SwipeSimple you can easily create, send, view and manage invoices from the SwipeSimple Dashboard. To learn more, check out the How-to Guide below or watch the video webinar.

Create and send invoices:

  • Directly add items from your item catalog to an invoice

  • Set the invoice due date

  • Collect tax on the invoice

  • Customize invoices with your company logo, footer text, and customer-specific notes

  • Send invoices via email

  • Once the invoice is received, customers can easily pay from their computer or mobile device

Manage and view invoices:

  • View past invoices
  • View the status of all invoices – paid and unpaid

  • Manually mark an invoice as paid, if paid by the customer via cash or check

  • Send reminders for overdue invoices

  • Search and filter invoices for easy viewing

  • Export invoices into a .CSV file

Reporting on invoices  

  • Make reporting easy by filtering to the exact criteria your business is looking to view 



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