Taking your first payment

The basics

There are four ways to take a payment with SwipeSimple: 

  • Swipe (traditional magnetic card)
  • Dip (EMV chip card)
  • Tap (Contactless card or mobile wallet)
  • Keyed Entry

The type of payment types you're able to accept depend on your merchant account and the type of card reader you have.


If prompted to Swipe or Dip and presented with an EMV chip card, process the transaction by dipping the card in the enclosed slot on the reader ship-first with the chip facing the top of the reader.

When prompted to Swipe or presented with a non-chip card, run the card through the open ended slot on the reader with the magnetic stripe facing the back of the reader

When using a Swift B250 reader and presented with a contactless payments enabled credit card or mobile device, Tap the card or mobile device on the reader to process a transaction. 

Cardholders using Google Pay or Apple Pay can also conduct a transaction using these readers.

Via the SwipeSimple mobile app

  1. Type an amount on the ‘Quick Item’ tab on the Sale screen (we recommend a $0.01 test transaction) or select an item from your inventory by selecting the center, ‘Items’ tab. Tap C to clear the amount.
  2. Tap the Charge button.
  3. Connect your SwipeSimple card reader to your mobile device.
  4. Swipe, Dip or Tap your card or payment device when prompted by the app.
  5. Select Receipt to enter an email address or phone number to send a receipt.

Via SwipeSimple At Your Computer

  1. Select the Virtual Terminal tab from the left.
  2. Enter the amountcard numberexpiration dateCVV, and billing zip code
  3. Select the Charge button
  4. Enter an email address or phone number to send a receipt

Important note: Dip and Tap capabilities depend on the card reader hardware and Merchant Account used for payment processing.

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