Can I use SwipeSimple without an internet connection?

SwipeSimple has an "offline mode" that can be used if you are not able to get to a WiFi or cellular data connection.  Offline mode enables capturing swiped or keyed payments without an internet connection to be run at the next time WiFi or cellular data is available. 

Important notes

  • Offline mode is not compatible with dip (EMV) or tap (NFC) transactions.
  • You can set a maximum amount for offline transactions when Offline Mode is enabled. This might be a good idea, since offline transactions are more risky than online transactions.
  • Transactions taken in offline mode are not approved or declined until network connectivity is re-established.
  • Transactions captured offline are saved until connectivity is regained and will automatically process when the mobile device goes back online and the app is opened. Only a maximum of 50 transactions can be saved.
  • Offline transactions expire 30 days after capture if they are not processed.



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