How can I manage signature prompts, sales tax, and tip settings?

These features can all be managed from the account settings page of the mobile app or web dashboard.

Tip settings

Enable tip to prompt the customer with a tip screen prior to processing their payment. The customer can select from the set three default tip amounts, or enter a custom tip dollar amount.


Tax settings

Enable Sales Tax to collect a defined tax percentage on your transactions.

Individual items can be set to be taxable or not within the Item Catalog.

If enabled, Sales Tax will be automatically added to a Sale for any taxable and Quick Items. If disabled, Sales Tax will not be added to any item.

If multiple tax rates are added, merchants will be prompted to select one as part of each new transaction.





Signature settings

Choose when the app to asks for signatures on non-EMV transactions. For swipe transactions, signature requirements can be configured in the Signature settings.

You can choose to capture a signature:

  • Never
  • Always
  • For transactions Above $25

For dip transactions, the requirements for a signature CVM (customer verification method) are driven by the transaction itself.

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