View transaction details

View transactions in detail, create new key-entered transactions, perform voids and refunds, and resend receipts from the Transactions page.

Organize the order of the transactions based on key details. For example, click on “Amount” to order transactions based on their monetary value.

To search for a specific transaction, key in any of the details in the search field on the right.


Export Transactions list in CSV format

Click on “Export Transactions list in CSV format” to download a CSV file of all your transactions. This option is useful if you would like to integrate your transaction data with other software.


Create a new transaction

Click on “Create a new transaction“. Enter the details for your new transaction and SwipeSimple will process the transaction directly on the dashboard.



Click on the filter icon to filter transactions according to:

  • Merchant account(s)
  • User(s)
  • Date range
  • Payment types
  • Sale types
  • Transaction results
  • Methods and/or 
  • Card brands



To filter transactions according to merchant or user account, simply select the desired account from the dropdown or start typing in their respective search fields. Multiple accounts can be selected at once.



To filter transactions according to dates, simply select your desired date range or select a time period from the column on the left.



To filter transactions according to payment types, sale types, transaction results, methods, and/or card brands, check or uncheck the desired fields.



Transaction details

Click the transaction number of the desired transaction to view transaction detailsvoidrefundsend, or print a receipt.



Void and Refund

Click on the respective button to void or refund a transaction.

Voids can only be done before the batch has closed. If the Void option is not displayed, you may only do a refund at that time.

Future Transactions

View the Future Transactions tabs to see all upcoming transactions for up to two years.

  • Future Transactions will include all scheduled subscriptions and installments
  • Use this page to forecast upcoming revenue
  • Find specific transactions by searching for Customer Name in the search bar


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