Transactions overview

  • View a list of transactions and organize the order of transactions based on key details such as Transaction #, Date, Type, Amount, Result, Method, Brand, Last 4, Auth Code or Cardholder Name
  • Search for specific transaction by entering any of the details in the search field
  • Filter transactions according to merchant account(s), user(s), date range, payment types, sales types, transaction results, methods, and/or card brands
  • Export transactions list in .csv format
  • Create a new transaction directly from the dashboard


Transaction details


  • View details of every transactions including:
    • Transaction Details
    • Credit Transactions by Card Type
    • Card Details
    • Merchant Account Details
    • Who the transaction was taken by
    • Items
    • Reference Number(if recorded during sale)
    • Receipt Preview and Sent History
  • Void, issue a full or partial Refund*

If a transaction is processed on SwipeSimple Web using Level III Interchange data, the details will be displayed on the bottom of the Transaction Details screen.

*Refund and voids are not available for SwipeSimple Terminal merchant accounts

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