Connecting to iOS devices

Before you connect your reader to your mobile device, make sure the reader has been paired and the reader screen is on. The screen of the reader will turn on by pressing any button on the keypad.

Step 1: Pair your device

  1. Turn on the card reader.
    • The power button on the B550 is on the top right of the device. The power button on the B500 is on the left side of the device.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your iPhone / iPad.
    • Go into the Settings of the iPhone or iPad and switch the Bluetooth button ‘On’. The button will turn green indicating that it is turned on.
  3. When using the B550, press the Bluetooth button on the upper right-hand side of the reader for 3 seconds or until the reader screen reads ‘Waiting to Pair’ and the blue light blinks quickly. When using the B500, press the green checkmark button at the bottom right side of the reader for 3 seconds or until the screen reads ‘Waiting to Pair’.
  4. Go to the SwipeSimple App on the iPhone / iPad and log in.
  5. After logging in, go to the Settings tab and then into the ‘Reader’ section of the screen and make sure the “Bluetooth” is selected.
  6. Now look at your card reader. As soon as the device is paired the screen will display ‘Waiting to Connect’ and the blue light in the upper right corner will blink even more rapidly. The ‘Waiting to Connect’ display is the default indicator that the reader is successfully paired.


Step 2: Connect your device 

  1. Once your reader is paired with your device, there will be a button indicating the current type of reader.
  2. If the sales screen has not defaulted to ‘Bluetooth’, select ‘Audio Jack,’ and toggle to ‘Bluetooth.’ You will see a list of numbers displayed on the screen of your device that match the last 4 digits of your card reader’s serial number.
  3. Select this option.  The serial number of your card reader is located on the back of the reader and will be displayed on your device as “Bold xxxx”.
  4. The card reader will now display ‘Ready’ indicating that the reader is connected and that the transaction may be completed.
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